“Scientists now believe that the primary biological function of breasts is to make men stupid.” » Dave Barry


I felt it was necessary to begin with this one. Many men and woman view companions as people of society who are somewhat less than human. I am very human. I treat others as I expect to be treated. With this being said please read :

1. I am an adult, I communicate like one please do the same. 

2. Please remember I am a person with a real life just like you. Discretion is important to both of us, as is punctuality. I need at least 24-48hrs notice on incalls. Outcalls, Dinner Dates etc (unless we are already friends) will require at least 4hrs notice. 

3. I understand things come up.  Please be mindful of the time and effort I put into each meeting. Just let me know if you are running late.  Failure to do so will require a deposit to schedule a future meeting. 

4. Do not assume I use drugs, as I do not. I appreciate your not being under the influence during our time together. I also appreciate your sobriety. 

5. My rates are non negotiable thank you for remembering that in your communications with me. 

6. Do not send me pics of your genitals. I do not want them.


We are both adults and I really should not have to say this but I will.

If you are coming from work etc, Please let me know so I can have things prepared to allow you to freshen up upon arriving. I will be freshly showered and well groomed for our time together. I appreciate your efforts to do the same. 



1. You may not at any time ask about services or donations. Doing so will end all our communication.

2. You may not be explicit via text, email or in person. Doing so will end all communication.

3. Please have your donation in an unmarked envelope in plain view upon my arrival.