Gentlemen, I am a relatively new provider/companion. So please bear with me as we embark on this wonderful new journey in my life together. Regarding reviews, I believe them to be somewhat of a double edged sword. I prefer to be seen as  a person vs an object. What do I mean by that? I understand this is a business and I understand consumers like to have the ability to share experiences. However, at the end of the day I am a person. There will be no two appointments exactly the same. I am ever changing everyday just as I am sure you yourself are. I believe as adults we should get to know each other with a clean slate.  I prefer to be privately reviewed. What do I mean by that? Well I prefer that you privately submit  via email or a form I will attach to this site , your experiences with me I do not wish to be reviewed on The Erotic Review or any of those such sites as the legal climate right now is very troubling in regard to those sites and I prefer neither you or I end up in front of a judge due to reviews.  Please submit your thoughts on your time with me privately and I will share excerpts here upon receiving them. The only time I believe in reviews is when you were mistreated by a provider, when she bait and switched you etc.. but other than that please do not review me on public boards which rate ladies like cattle. I prefer to be a more private companion. Thank you for understanding.

“Despite my thirty years of research into the woman soul, I have not yet been able to answer the great question that has never been answered: What does a woman want?” » Sigmund Freud

She is not to be missed but to be respected and enjoyed

New Review October 2016

By "Mike" 

 I have seen Kristen numerous times since May of 2016.  From our first encounter to our most recent one last week, she always provides a very intimate and satisfying encounter.  She is very focused on client satisfaction and providing a great experience.   I have even had the honor and pleasure of having an overnight experience with her where we were able to connect on a more personal level which heightend the experience for both of us.  In fact it was such a great time I had her back again the following evening.  She is not to be missed, but to be respected and enjoyed




“Review by Mr. S January 2017”

Name: S.B

Subject: Incredible !!!!

Message: My review could not be better. Passionate, kind, fun, REAL and just a really nice person.

She rocked my world. I was in a haze or floating on a cloud for 2 days after. 
I can't say enough other than to say I look forward to seeing her again. :-)


Review by JV added March 30,2017



Name: J V

Subject: Best Time

Message: Great time with Kristen. She puts you so at ease an her name is apropo! So good I am still thinking about her three days later. Will be visiting her again.

Second Review from JV

Name: J V

Subject: Kissable

Message: Saw Kristen again earlier this week. She makes you feel like you are the only person in the world. That is the key folks.. And oh so Kissable!!

Name: R

Subject: First Time

Message: This was my first time ever doing this sort of thing. She made me feel at ease and really focused on making me happy. Will definetly repeat.